Welcome to my website! I am a PhD student at Wharton's Applied Economics Program.

I study topics in public and urban economics, especially the policy decisions that continue to shape U.S. housing markets.

From 2023, I will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU's Furman Center.
Scroll below for my latest research, or check out my CV here.

The Emergence of Exclusionary Zoning Across American Cities (Job Market Paper)

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I identify how the Great Migration caused restrictive suburban zoning using a first-ever national panel of minimum lot size adoption.

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Stimulating Durable Purchases (with Berger, Turner, Zwick)

We build a heterogeneous agent model that explains when temporary durable subsidies work and work best.

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Housing Segments and Segmented Remodeling

I estimate how sensitive households are to price and leverage when making home remodeling decisions.

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